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Are the photon skin rejuvenation machine on the market useful?


Are the photon skin rejuvenation machine on the market useful?

It remains to be verified whether the photon skin rejuvenation machine on the market are useful, because no formal clinical trials have been conducted.

The photon skin rejuvenation instrument is the most advanced high-tech beauty equipment in the international beauty industry. It has passed the authoritative US FDA certification. More than 90 TV programs in the United States have reported on this advanced technology. It is highly respected by international beauty and has been promoted to Japan. , Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions, photorejuvenation is a non-interventional and non-invasive way to penetrate the epidermis, so that the skin can truly change the skin texture from the inside out.

When choosing photorejuvenation, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. The selection of photon skin rejuvenation indications is the key. Please use professional equipment to analyze and judge whether your skin is suitable for photon skin treatment, because not all skin problems are suitable for photon skin rejuvenation. If it is an indication for photon skin rejuvenation, Skin problems such as freckles, sunburn, red cheeks, acne stains, large pores, dull skin, uneven skin tone, trauma stains, sensitive skin, superficial pits, sequelae of melasma treatment, etc. These are all beauty care methods And any topical skin care products can't solve it, but photons can solve it.

2. The choice of the photon skin rejuvenation machine is to ensure the quality and performance of the photon skin rejuvenation machine to determine the effect. Now the APL IPL version of the photon skin rejuvenation machine is a photon skin rejuvenation machine specially suitable for oriental yellow skin. This model of photon skin rejuvenation machine The stability, safety and efficacy of the skin rejuvenation instrument are recognized internationally.

3. Professionalism of operating technicians Photon Skin Rejuvenation has very high requirements for the professionalism of operating technicians. Technicians must have a high sense of responsibility, skilled skills, and a serious and careful service attitude.


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